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Sony 3D Glasses

The wrap around design of Sony 3D glasses blocks out ambient light, making for a more immersive 3D experienceSony 3D glasses come in a variety of designs and sizes, including children's, to create the best immersive 3D experience. They use active shutter technology to ensure that you maintain the highest resolution from your 3D TV, and are also adjustable to create a comfortable fit so that soon you won't even remember you are wearing 3D glasses.

Wrap Around
One of the best features of Sony 3D glasses are their wrap around design. This ensures that no ambient light gets in to affect your viewing experience. In a cinema, where the room is darkened, this is not much of an issue. However if you are watching your 3D TV during the day or with the lights on, you don't want light coming in at the sides of your glasses affecting the picture that you see. The wrap around feature of Sony 3D glasses goes a long way to making 3D viewing a totally immersive experience.

sony 3d glasses picAdjustable 3D Glasses
Another important feature of Sony 3D glasses is that they are adjustable. The temples are adjustable, meaning that you can move the side parts in and out so that they fit snugly around your head. In addition the portion that goes over your ears also go in or out so that they fit to your head very nicely. The nose pad is also adjustable, allowing you to change it until it is in the most comfortable position for you. This means that you can watch your 3D TV for a long time and not get uncomfortable. Indeed, it shouldn't be long until you forget that you are wearing glasses altogether and are transported into whatever film or television program that you are watching. Active Shutter 3D Glasses

Sony 3D TVs use alternate frame sequencing, for which you need active shutter 3D glasses. In fact, you need Sony 3D glasses for Sony 3D TVs. That is because the television has to sync up with the glasses, unlike with passive 3D technology. The advantage of the active 3D is that it means there is no loss of picture quality. This requires a little explanation. To create depth, the brain combines the images which it receives from both eyes, putting them together to be able to sort out distances. 3D technology takes advantage of this by giving each eye a slightly different image for the brain to create the 3D effect. With passive technology, both images are shown at the same time and each lens only allows one of them in through a process of polarisation. With active technology, one lens and then the other is actively blacked out as the frame for each eye is shown alternately one after the other. This is why synchronisation is necessary. Therefore, with active technology, each eye receives the full HD image whereas with passive 3D glasses, the quality of each image is halved so that they can both be shown at the same time.

In Summary
Sony 3D glasses use active shutter technology and a wrap around design to ensure maximum immersion in what you are watching. To allow you to watch the TV for as long as you want, they are also made as comfortable as possible. They come in adult and kids sizes.

Universal 3D Glasses
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