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Samsung 3D Glasses

Samsung SSG-2100AB 3d GlassesWhen watching 3D films at the cinema, the make and model does not make too much of a difference. That is not the case when it comes to 3D TV, as for the most part the 3D TV makers produce 3D glasses that will only work on their model of television. This means that if you have a Samsung 3D TV, you will need Samsung 3D TV glasses.

Samsung 3D glasses come in two main sizes, adult and kids. If you can look at them in person, then the size difference will be obvious, but if you are buying online then it may not be clear from the picture. An easy way to tell the two sizes apart for Samsung 3D glasses is to look at their names. At the end of the string of numbers and letters will be a few letters, either starting with "A" or "K". This stands for "Adult" and "Kids". So for example, the SSG-2100AB is a pair of adult battery operated glasses, while the SSG-2200KR is a pair of kids rechargable glasses and the SSG-2200AR are adult rechargable glasses.

Samsung SSG-2200KR 3d GlassesActive Shutter Glasses
Samsung's 3D TV glasses are active shutter glasses. This means that, in order to create the 3D effect, which involves showing slightly different images to the left and right eye, the left or right lens will be blacked out momentarily. This happens very fast so you will not be able to tell, but makes it possible for images to appear as if they are three dimensional on the screen.

Maximum Resolution
There are two main consequences of using active shutter 3D glasses. One is that each eye is receiving the full image, and maximum resolution. The other main way of producing the 3D effect is by way of polarisation. This means that both images are displayed at the same time on the screen, and the lenses polarise them so that each eye only receives one of the images. This is how it works at the cinema, and it is not a problem because the screen is so large and there is such good resolution in any case. With a television however, as the screen is smaller, every bit of resolution counts so to do it that way would halve the resolution. With Samsung 3D TV glasses you will therefore get a full HD resolution.

Battery or Rechargeable
The other consequence of using active shutter technology is that it is battery powered. They use LED technology to black out the lenses, which means of course they use electrical power. Polarising glasses have the advantage of using physics alone, and not electricity, to create the 3D effect. You can buy rechargeable Samsung 3D glasses however, and again the trick is to look at the letters at the end. If they have an "R" at the end then they are rechargeable, and if they have a "B" then they are not. Again, if you look back at the example given earlier, the adult pair of glasses is battery powered, whereas the kids pair of glasses is rechargeable. Styles Samsung 3D glasses come in a variety of styles and colours. So you can check out the selection and choose the ones that you like the best, they all work perfectly and will create a great 3D experience.

Universal 3D Glasses
Universal 3D Glasses for Samsung, LG and Sony 3D TV's

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Cinema & Pub 3D Glasses
Passive Polarised 3D Glasses for Cinemas and Sky Sports Pub Events

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