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3D Laptops & PCs

The 3D experience has now spread to PCs and laptops, allowing you to get the full 3D effect in gaming as well as films. You can watch films in 3D at the cinema, watch television in 3D and now you can, play 3D games, watch 3D videos on the internet and view 3D pictures on your laptop or PC.

3D Glasses for PC's and Laptops

3D gaming will be even more immersive. See Also: Nvidia 3D Glasses

Game developers are coming out with an increasing number of 3D games to make the interactive experience of games even more immersive. It makes the gaming experience even more realistic and makes it almost as if you can reach out and touch all the elements you are manipulating. Imagine a driving game where it feels as if the steering wheel is right there in front of you. Or a shooter where the it feels as if there are real projectiles coming towards you. The possibilities are endless.

3D Videos and Pictures
There are also games consoles which will create the same effect with games. However with a 3D PC or laptop , you will have the added advantage of being able to view 3D pictures, watch 3D movies and videos on the internet and even create your own 3D images and videos with your webcam.

You can take 3D pictures with your webcam, or with a 3D camera, and view them properly on your PC or laptop. Those special photos of family and holiday snaps will appear to be even more real and make it seem as if those people and places are really in front of you once again.

Converting 2D Films and Games
You will also be able to convert films and games which have been made as standard 2D products into 3D, expanding the range of 3D experiences available.

3D Glasses
3D PCs and laptops work well in concert with your 3D glasses.
When you buy a 3D laptop or PC, it will most likely come with 3D glasses. There are two main types of 3D glasses, and you will be provided with the one which works with you PC or laptop. They will either be polarised 3D glasses or active shutter 3D glasses. Whichever type it is, they will both do the job of making sure that your left eye only sees the image meant for the left eye, and your right eye only sees the image for you right eye. This is how the 3D experience is created, making each eye see slightly different images, just like they do in real life, in order to create a sense of depth.

With polarised 3D glasses this works by using the polarisation effect, so that each lens only allows through images with a certain wavelength. With active shutter 3D glasses, one side is physically blacked out, and then the other, very fast, so that the same 3D effect is produced.

Interactive 3D

A 3D PC or laptop gives you the full range of 3D elements available, from viewing and producing 3D pictures and videos to playing 3D games. This is the forefront of the 3D revolution, allowing you to not only watch, but participate in the creation of 3D products.

Universal 3D Glasses
Universal 3D Glasses for Samsung, LG and Sony 3D TV's

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Cinema & Pub 3D Glasses
Passive Polarised 3D Glasses for Cinemas and Sky Sports Pub Events

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