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Panasonic 3D Glasses

pic of panasonic 3d glassesPanasonic 3D glasses are some of the most adjustable on the market; they have even been designed to allow you to wear them over prescription glasses. Be careful however, each manufacturer has produced 3D glasses exlusively for their own 3D TVs. With the majority of 3D TVs it is necessary to sync them up with the 3D glasses and they are not generally compatible with each other. If you do find that you need adjustable 3D glasses therefore, you might want to think about getting a Panasonic 3D TV. If you already have a 3D TV though, you will have to stick with the glasses that whichever company manufactured your TV has produced.

Adjustable 3D Glasses
Normal glasses come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to find ones that fit them. With 3D glasses being so specialised however, there isn't that sort of variety yet. To get around this therefore, Panasonic are one of the manufacturers which have brought out 3D glasses that are adjustable. Not only are they adjustable around the side, meaning that you can get them to the right setting for the size of your head, but the nose pad is also adjustable. Indeed, as already mentioned, Panasonic 3D glasses can be fitted in such a way that they fit over any existing glasses. In addition, they also come in three different sizes. They are small, medium and large. This means that the adjustments necessary will never have to be very big, they will only be there to make it as comfortable a viewing experience as possible.

another panasonic 3d glasses picWrap Around
Another of the advantages of Panasonic 3D glasses is that they come in a wrap around design. Not only does this look good, but it serves an important function as well. It means that no ambient light is allowed in. That is, no light from the sides of the glasses will seep in and affect the image you are seeing through the glasses. This is not as important in a cinema of course, of if you have all the lights out at home. But if you are going to be watching in a well lit room, as you probably will be a lot of the time watching TV, then this is an important feature.

Active Shutter 3D Glasses
Panasonic has a range of active 3D TVs. This means that they require active shutter 3D glasses. If you have only ever seen 3D at the cinema they will be a new experience to you, as in a cinema they show 3D films using passive technology. The difference is in how each eye receives its separate image (a necessity for creating the 3D effect). With the passive 3D glasses, the lenses filter out the images, so that each eye only receives one of them, while they are shown on the screen at the same time,. With the active technology, the 3D glasses are synchronised with the source (the TV usually) and one lens is blacked out as a frame is shown for the other eye, switching back and forth so fast you won't know anything is happening. The result however, is that the 3D effect is produced. The active technology is what is used for most 3D TVs although, as already stated, they are not compatible across manufacturers. So if you have a Panasonic 3D TV, get Panasonic 3D glasses.

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