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Nvidia 3D Glasses with the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit

Picture of Nvidia 3D Vision KitHave you ever been playing a game and just wished that you could be right in there with it, as if it was all real? Well, the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit can't do that (nothing can, as yet) but it can do the next best thing, it can allow you to experience games in 3D. And not just games designed for 3D, ordinary games.

What You Get
The Nvidia 3D Vision Kit includes:

  • Sylish 3D glasses, with a carrying case, cleaning cloth, a selection of nose bridge pieces and a USB cable for recharging.
  • Nvidia IR Emitter.
  • Cables to connect the computer to the TV or monitor, and the IR emitter to the computer.
  • Installation CD and Quick Start guide.
This is everything you need to start gaming in 3D, providing you have a compatible computer and monitor or 3D TV.

How it Works The Nvidia 3D glasses use active shutter technology to ensure you receive the maximum resolution picture quality. Briefly, to create the 3D effect requires each eye to receive two different images, which when combined create depth. With the active shutter technology one eye is blacked out, and then the other is, in synchronization with the frame rate (measured in Hz, or frames per second) from the monitor or TV. This means that one frame is shown for the left eye while the right eye is blacked out, and then the opposite, at an extremely fast rate.
Nvidia 3D GlassesIndeed, the Nvidia 3D glasses work best with the 120Hz LCD TVs, as this translates to 60Hz per eye, which is the standard for normal HD TVs. This means there will be no loss in picture quality from the Nvidia 3D Vision kit.
If you're wondering how the glasses and the monitor sync up, that is what the IR emitter is for. It is connected to the computer, and relays information to your 3D glasses so that it knows when to black out each eye. One nifty feature of the Nvidia IR emitter, is that it has a thumb-wheel on the back, which allows you to change the depth of the 3D effect for each game. You may well find that different games work better with different levels of 3D, so this should prove to be a very useful feature.

Converting 2D Games to 3D
Perhaps the best thing about the Nvidia system, is that it allows you to convert 2D games into 3D. Games which were not designed specifically to be played in 3D can be converted with the Nvidia graphics system. This means that you do not have to wait for a range of 3D games to come out, there are already lots to choose from, and you may well own a lot of them even now!

The Nvidia 3D Glasses Kit gives you everything you need to start playing 3D games, once you have a compatible computer and monitor. You won't have to worry about buying any other cables to get it all connected, they are all here. Most important part of course, are the Nvidia 3D glasses, which last for 40 hours of gaming and come with a USB cable for recharging. The Nvidia 3D Vision Kit is the ideal package to begin your 3D gaming experiences.

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