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Phantom Menace 3D Release Date September 28, 2011 1:02 pm

Next year, a Star Wars film is going to be in the cinemas again, this time in 3D. While some will claim that this is merely another marketing gimmick aimed at milking the most out of the Star Wars franchise as possible, it also has the potential of taking the experience on to another level. So if you’re a fan, have your 3D glasses at the ready for another rendition of The Phantom Menace.

He's ready for The Phantom Menace: 3D... are you?

The Phantom Menace: 3D

It is perhaps somewhat puzzling that The Phantom Menace is going to be the first of the Star Wars films to come out in 3D considering that it is not the most popular of the films and there are plans to release the other five in this format depending on the popularity of this version. Although it does have to be considered that in terms of chronology, this is the first film in the Star Wars time line.

So what can we expect from The Phantom Menace: 3D? The first thing to point out is that, clearly, it was not filmed in 3D in the first instance. So it was not designed to be viewed through 3D glasses. However this is true for many of the films that are made in to 3D, the technology is available to turn anything in to 3D.

It is easier when it comes to animated portions, as there was nothing real to film in the first place. This accounts for much of the Star Wars prequels in any case, and this may be one of the reasons that this is the first film to come out in the format. Although live action portions can also be converted in to 3D successfully.

When 3D is most effective is at any time when perceiving the proper depth is important. That’s why it can be used so successfully in sports, because that way you won’t ever lose the flight of the ball. It’s also important for fighting scenes, so that you know exactly where opponents are in relation to one another.

It is in this fighting aspect that Star Wars is going to be able to make most use of the 3D format of course, as there is plenty of fighting. With and without lightsabres. So those scenes are likely to be more spectacular, particularly the battles in space you would imagine.

Grand Scale

The other main time when being able to use 3D glasses is going to be advantageous is when there is a grand scale. You can really get a sense of size and depth with 3D technology, so the Star Wars films should benefit in that regard as well.

Having said that though, not many people ever had any problems with the visuals of Star Wars, that was all fine. The problem came from the characters and the stories of the prequels. That is something that having the films in 3D can do nothing about.

If you just wan to enter in to the world of Star Wars though, then doing so in 3D at the cinema will make the experience even more vivid.

3D Glasses

If you would like to get your own pair of 3D glasses for this, and other cinematic experiences, then you can get some inexpensive, stylish ones on this site. Check out the shop section for more details.

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