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Designer Range Of Polarizing 3D Glasses Launched By LG June 29, 2011 12:00 pm

One of the things that puts some people off 3D technology is that they don’t like the 3d glasses that they have to wear. Many of them aren’t exactly stylish, and so some people feel silly wearing them. Of course when you’re in a cinema packed with people who are wearing the same ones, it’s not that much of an issue. If you’re in a pub or at home though, then wearing them can make you feel quite ridiculous.

Watch 3D in style with designer glasses.

Polarizing 3D Glasses

At present LG is the only manufacturer that makes 3D TVs that use polarizing technology, meaning theirs are the only ones that you will be able to use their glasses for. Although that’s not too bad, because those are the only types of televisions that you get in pubs due to the low cost of the normal glasses, and they work in cinemas as well. Also, a budget range of 3D televisions are going to be out soon which also use the polarizing glasses.

The reason that these sorts of 3d glasses are cheaper is that they don’t have any special technology in them. The 3D effect is created entirely by the lenses, in conjunction with what the 3D broadcast of course. What happens is that one frame of the film or programme is shown for one of your eyes, and then the next one is shown for you other eye, and the one after that is shown for the first eye again, and so on. The way that only the correct eye sees that one frame is because of the polarizing effect in the lenses.

The way that the majority of 3D TVs work is very different. The frames are shown for one eye after another in the same way, but instead of using polarizing lenses, instead one lens is merely blacked out. This happens so quickly that you’ll never pick up on it, just as you never actually see the change between frames. This does make the technology more expensive though as and LCD screen has to black out the lenses, one after another.

Designer 3D Glasses

The Giles range from LG are not the first designer glasses to come out, Oakley and Gucci already introduced designer pairs. So there’s now quite a lot of choice. In fact there have been talks about combining sunglasses and 3D technology, so that you can have just one pair that will fill both of these needs.

Budget 3D Glasses

If you are on more of a tight budget though, then you can get glasses that still look decent. For example you can buy them from 3D Glasses UK, either the polarizing or the active shutter kind that can be used on most 3D televisions. This significantly cuts the costs of using 3D technology because while the televisions themselves are not all that much more expensive than normal ones now, getting enough glasses for the whole family can significantly add to the costs if you go with brand manufacturers.

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