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40% Will Have 3D TVs By 2015 June 29, 2011 12:38 pm

A new survey has predicted that by 2015 40% of households in Western Europe will own a 3D TV set. This is good news for anyone who is already involved with the technology as it means they can expect to see more 3D content in the coming years. After all, the more people who have the capability to see shows in that format, the more of that type of show will be made for them.

This could be a common sight by 2015.

Falling Prices

One of the main reasons that the uptake of 3D is set to increase is because of the falling costs of the technology. There is already a budged 3D TV in the works, and soon the technology will be prevalent enough so that it will almost come as standard with most manufacturers. This is going to mean that increasing amounts of people are going to be able to make use of this technology of course, which means that there will be a greater demand for 3D content.

The prices of 3d glasses are also falling, and this can add considerably to the overall expense. Now though you can get universal 3d glasses which work across a range of different televisions and are much cheaper than the brand manufacturer’s versions, while working just as well.

3D Content

At the moment there still isn’t an awful lot of content that you need 3d glasses for, although it is growing all of the time. There are always new 3D films coming out, for instance. There is also a pretty steady stream of 3D sporting events going on, especially when the football season is in full flow. The problem is that there isn’t a lot else apart from those things though. You get the odd nature documentary, or a show for a special interest, for example opera. The standard things that we see on television though are almost all stuck in two dimensions.

The main reason for this is one of cost. It costs a lot to create a series or a regular television programme, and if the audience is limited because few people own 3D televisions then they’re not going to be able to justify the expense. As soon as enough people own the right equipment though, you can expect to see a lot more shown in 3D. At that point, the people who have resisted getting their 3d glasses are probably going to want the technology to be able to see these shows.

Is It Worth Getting A 3D TV?

The question is though, is it worth getting a 3D TV right now? That’s a question that can’t be answered definitively of course because each person’s situation is different. If you don’t like films or sports, then perhaps it is not. If you do though, then seeing them in 3D does literally add another dimension to the action. Of course you can always go to the cinema or to a pub to get that experience, but if you want it from the comfort of your own home then it is worth it.

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