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How 3D Improves the Viewing Experience September 28, 2011 1:37 pm

A poll was put out recently which revealed that only about 1 in 5 people thought that watching something in 3D enhanced the viewing experience, while nearly half thought it was just a gimmick. However, while everyone is entitled to their opinions of course, this may simply reveals a level of cynicism about spectacular technology. So in this article we’ll be going through the case for using 3D glasses for the viewing of films and 3D TV.

The 3D can be spectacular, and artistic.


The first point that is gong to be made about 3D technology is that it improves the practicalities of watching an event. This particularly applies to sporting events in which a ball is involved. When you are watching this on a normal screen, although there is a sense of depth involved due to the rules of perspective, you don’t get a real experience of it.

When you are watching the same thing in 3D though, you shouldn’t ever lose the flight of the ball. You are going to be able to see directly where the ball is in relation to all of the players. If you’ve ever watched football and had the experience that you thought the ball was going in one direction and then it turns out that it was going somewhere else you will know how useful this can be.

Artistic Merits

While most people will concede that by using 3D glasses you do get some practical benefits, especially with sporting events, they will say that there are no artistic merits for the technology being used in narrative cinema.

This is the sort of argument which was probably made when colour was brought to the screen though. And indeed, you can tell a story in black and white only, as had been done for many years. However, with colour another level of realism was added. And it didn’t take long for film makers to master the use of colour to help tell the story.

It is in the aspect of story that most people say that 3D technology has no place. And on the surface it is of course true that the proper perception of depth is not going to help to tell a good story, but in some cases it may. Certainly any film or television show that you view in black and white is still going to make sense, but that does not mean that having colour does not make it a more enjoyable experience.

Usually though the problems that people see with 3D films is not so much the 3D technology which has been used, but simply that it has not been used properly. It is still a new way of doing things, and perhaps film makers have not yet mastered how to best use it. Just as it undoubtedly took some time for them to learn how to use sound and colour when they were introduced.

What a film like Avatar by James Cameron shows, however, is that 3D can be used in an artistic way and can help to tell a good story. Through the use of 3D, viewers were placed much more directly in to the alien landscape that the film portrayed, arguably making for a greater connection from the audience.

3D Glasses

If you haven’t experienced 3D yet, then you can make up your own mind by getting a pair of 3D glasses and checking out a 3D film or sporting event. If you come to it with an open mind, you will probably find that it really does enhance the experience.

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