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We are entering a new era of three dimensional viewing experiences. The technology for viewing images in 3D has been around for a long time, but never has it been so widely available, effective or stylish. And the most important part of what makes it so much better now is the 3D glasses which are now available. Whether you are watching in 3D at the pub, at the cinema or even in your own home, you want 3D glasses that fit, that work, and that don't make you look ridiculous.

3D Glasses for Pubs and Cinemas
Cinema audiences take advantage of 3D glasses for the ultimate 3D experience.

3D Glasses for the Cinema
In recent times, the popularity of 3D cinema has been reinvigorated. This is in part due to the improved technology. With Imax 3D, you have a bigger screen of course, however modern 3D glasses are also much improved. They no longer use anaglyph technology, which requires two different coloured lenses, and a picture shown in two different colours. This was necessary in order to allow each eye to view two slightly different images, the different coloured images polarised through the different coloured lenses. This made it possible for two images, filmed from two slightly different positions, to create the 3D effect. In viewing things ordinarily in real life, we see things from two slightly different positions because our left eye and right eye spaced apart. This is how we create depth. By recreating this on the screen therefore, an illusion of depth is created.

With modern 3D technology, the same principle of polarisation in the lenses is used. However it is more sophisticated now, meaning that different colours are not required, and it works much better. 3D glasses are provided at the cinema, however sometimes they might not work properly, they might not fit properly and you don't know who wore them previously to you. More and more people are therefore purchasing their own 3D glasses in order to ensure that they will be able to make the most of their 3D cinema experience.

3D Glasseas for Pubs
Get even more involved in the action at 3D pubs. Another reason you might like to own your own pair of 3D glasses is if you ever want to go to the pub to watch a sporting event in three dimensions. Cinemas rarely run out of glasses, but at a pub you have all the problems of cinema 3D glasses, as well as the very real possibility that they will not have enough.

A 3D pub will be using 3D TV technology, which is much the same as how a 3D cinema image works, except instead of showing the two images at the same time, they are broadcast alternately at very high speeds. This means that you will either need the polarising 3D glasses as you do for the cinema, or you may need active shutter 3D glasses which shut off the image from one eye then the other in concert with the image on the screen so that the same effect is produced.

The 3D experience at pubs and cinemas is now very effective and immersive, and the best way to be positive that you get the most out of it is to get your own pair of 3D glasses, ensuring you have a pair that work, and that fit your head, as well as your sense of style.

Universal 3D Glasses
Universal 3D Glasses for Samsung, LG and Sony 3D TV's

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Cinema & Pub 3D Glasses
Passive Polarised 3D Glasses for Cinemas and Sky Sports Pub Events

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