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Polarised 3D Glasses
These glasses are found in cinemas showing 3D movies (IMAX, Odeon, ABC, VUE, Empire) and pubs showing Sky 3D Sports throughout the UK and US and are cheap to produce as they do not contain any electrical

How Do They Work?
Polarised movies and shows alternate between two pictures on the screen very quickly and keep flicking between
the two, 30-60 times a second. The polarised 3D glasses then filter the picture so that 1 picture is shown to the left
eye and one to the right.

Can I watch 3D movies on my normal TV?
Simply put, no you cannot and never will be able to, apart from with the old red green glasses which work by filtering the colour. Normal TV's aren't capable of polarisation.

Active Shutter 3D Glasses
These are the type of glasses usually associated with home viewing i.e. with 3D TV's (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG), Laptops or PC's (Nvidia 3D Vision, Bit Cauldron, ATI tech).

How Do They Work?
Screens compatible with active shutter technology also alternative between two 2D images, although they contain a transmitter that synchronises with active shutter glasses. These glasses contain electronic components that are constantly blacking out either the left or right lense, so that 1 image is shown to one eye and one to the other. Some glasses such as the Samsung SSG-P2100T and Samsung SSG-2100AB are battery operated and need replacement every 36-72 hours, however the newer models such as the SSG2200A are lighter and mains rechargable. They are a little more expensive but better value in the long run.

We are often asked questions such as "will be samsung 3d glassses work in the cinema?", or "will my Panasonic 3D glasses work with my Samsung 3D TV?". Unfortunately the glasses are usually vendor specific, meaning Samsung glasses will only work with Samsung model TV's, although they will work with their whole 3D range.

Universal 3D Glasses
Universal 3D Glasses for Samsung, LG and Sony 3D TV's

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Cinema & Pub 3D Glasses
Passive Polarised 3D Glasses for Cinemas and Sky Sports Pub Events

Buy our Polarised 3DG-CP100 3D glasses, Compatible with Sky Sports Pub Events and All 3D Cinemas.
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